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You may not need everything, but what you'll have access to is...

  • Website and Funnels - builder & hosting

  • Email Marketing - stay in touch with clients

  • SMS Marketing - reach your clients on their phones

  • Missed Call Text Back - never worry about missing a business call

  • Simplified communication via app or browser - bring your messages from Facebook, Google, SMS and email into a single stream of communication so you never miss a message

  • Social comments become leads - automatically reply and private message anyone who comments on your post(s)

  • Social Planner - set up and send out your social posts from one place

  • Automations - set and forget actions like emails / sms sequences or both

  • CRM - see and manage your contacts in one place

  • Pipelines and Opportunities - see what stage each prospect is at in your customer journey & who to follow up with

  • Reputation management - simplify and automate getting feedback & reviews

  • AI content / conversations / automations - stuck for ideas or want to automate your responses. Let AI do the heavy lifting or you

  • Online courses & Memberships - sell (or give access to) online courses and communities

  • Online support - Live chat, help documents and walkthrough guides to answer your questions easily

  • and more...

There are almost NO LIMITS with your Pramaze account

  • Unlimited Websites

  • Unlimited Funnels

  • Unlimited Contacts

  • Unlimited Automations

  • Unlimited Courses & Memberships

You have an allocation of "credits" you can use towards features like the following. These equate to roughly any of the following (not cumulative)

$5 of credits equals roughly:

  • SMS - 420 message segments sent

  • Email - 7140 emails sent

  • Email verification - 1920 verifications to check an email address is valid

  • AI Content creation varies by request

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